Meghann & Shasta
Married May 15, 2010

May '10

I did want to comment that one of the things that I appreciate MOST about your website is how very *casually* gay-friendly it is. "Here's a wedding, and here's a wedding, and here's a wedding, and here's a wedding" and five or six of them happen to feature a same-gendered couple, but every single one is presented exactly the same. No "look, we even do commitment ceremonies for you gay people" vibes anywhere, which is so awesome.

Your site gives such a simple, warm sense of equality and welcome, which is emphasized by the fact that nowhere is there any CLAIM to being equal and welcome... it's just right there in the pictures, as if gay marriage is no more or less remarkable than any other kind. This was the primary factor that made me certain we HAD to have our wedding with you guys. So thank you so much for that -- I wish more venues would take your approach.
:) :)

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