Wedding Guests

Our Pikes Peak Wedding Package allows up to 60 guests. Other packages have a lower maximum number for guests, but all packages have a fee of $5 per guest. The price per guest includes:

  • Complete wedding set-up: chairs, tables, white tablecloths, glass flutes & plates, silverware, napkins.
  • A larger wedding cake to generously serve your guests.
  • Sparkling cider toast for all.
  • A powder room for your guests.
  • Complete clean-up and break-down.
  • Outdoor event in gardens: maximum 60 guests
  • Indoor event in carriage house: maximum 35 guests

Please ask your guests to arrive dressed for the wedding since there is no changing room for their use. If your guests must change clothes here, it is best if you rent a suite for their use.

Wedding Guests at Your Colorado Wedding
Wedding Guests at Your Colorado Wedding

If your guests choose to book a two day stay at our inn, there is no charge for them at the wedding. Our three buildings allow for plenty of privacy for the wedding couple, and we will rent up to four suites to wedding guests.

We have a fully ADA-compliant handicapped suite for those in wheelchairs.

There are two issues that wedding couples should make sure their guests understand. Our property slopes uphill from the parking areas by Fountain Creek to our garden ceremony areas, and our gardens are, well.... gardens. Surfaces are either grass or gravel with an occasional flagstone thrown in. Our indoor areas can only be reached by walking across gravel surfaces.

The first issue concerns appropriate footwear for a garden wedding. Bridesmaids and other female guests attending a wedding here might want to forgo those six-inch spiked heels. It's not a rule -- we're just sayin'.

The second issue concerns handicapped access. Please alert us if you have guests who may need to use a wheelchair or walker. We can rope off as much close-in handicapped parking as you need, but we need some notice.

The Waterfall Garden and our indoor facility can be accessed from the parking lot on gravel paths that have no steps. The Woodland Garden can only be accessed up a series of steps on a gravel path. Guests using walkers and wheelchairs will require assistance to reach the Woodland Garden ceremony area.

Wedding Guests at Your Colorado Wedding
Wedding Guests at Your Colorado Wedding
Wedding Guests at Your Colorado Wedding